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St. John Lutheran School’s 2015 Spring Auction raised about $40,000 for technology! What exactly did that mean for our students, teachers, and school? It means another 30 new student laptops and a cart to store them in. We now have 1 laptop for every two students! Thank you! It means new laptops for 3 teachers! Thank you! It also means new interactive projectors in our 2 new classrooms and our new library. Thank you! It also means new wireless access points in our new classrooms. Thank you! Your tremendous support last year has meant another leap forward in how we use technology as one of the teaching and learning tools for our students!

This year's St. John Lutheran School Spring Auction will be like no other. It will be Friday, May 6, and we’ll be back at the beautiful Sylvan Cellars in Rome City. We’ll enjoy a new auctioneer and a new caterer. But, our purpose will still be the same, to have a great night of fellowship and provide support for the students and teachers of St. John!

Reservations are now open and can be made at St. John or by calling the school at 260-347-2444. The cost to attend the event is $35 per person or $60 per couple. Tables of 8 are available at a discounted rate of $200. One drink ticket per person (for beer, wine or soda) is included in all pricing.

Interested in making a donation now? The committee is happy to accept cash donations to offset auction costs, or donations of items or services to include in the auction. Contact Jo Knox at 260-908-2188 or jocollins72@yahoo.com.

Please check in on the school’s Facebook page for more school and auction news!

Kind Endorsements

“I personally didn’t come to fully understand God’s plan for my life until I was a junior in high school, but the foundation had been set before me ‘Train a child in the way he should go and he will not turn away from it.”’ (GWT) The foundation that is being laid at St John is one of love, purpose, and can be built upon throughout life. I’m thankful for all the teachers who poured their faith and love into my life.”

Matt Shull – Shull Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I am so thankful for my St. John Education. The school, partnering with my parents, truly formed a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ in me at a very young age. The teachers not only taught us about God and His word, they were examples of His love to each of their students. The lessons I was taught here became a part of who I am and will forever impact how I live my life.”

Melinda Hamlin White - mother, teacher, and former St. John student

“There were times when the budget said ‘no’ to new stuff, but we joked that we did not need much money for other things, because the school so completely filled our schedule….Although our home church, congregation, and pastor are dear to her, one daughter recently married at St. John Church where, she said, she had spent more time than anywhere else learning to love and serve Christ.”

Violette Wysong – mother of four St. John graduates

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